Boolean matrix decomposition is a method to obtain a compressed representation of a matrix with Boolean entries. BMaD (Boolean Matrix Decomposition Framework) is a modular framework, written in Java, that unifies several Boolean matrix decomposition algorithms, and provide methods to evaluate their performance. The main advantages of the framework are its modular approach and hence the flexible combination of the steps of a Boolean matrix decomposition and the capability of handling missing values.

BMaD is available at GitHub. MLC-BMaD, a multi-label classifier using Boolean matrix decomposition (implemented using the BMaD library) is also available at GitHub.


Tyukin, Andrey; Kramer, Stefan; Wicker, Jörg

BMaD - A Boolean Matrix Decomposition Framework Inproceedings

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Wicker, Jörg; Pfahringer, Bernhard; Kramer, Stefan

Multi-label Classification Using Boolean Matrix Decomposition Inproceedings

Proceedings of the 27th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, pp. 179–186, ACM, Trento, Italy, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4503-0857-1.

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